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“I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my mind also; I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my mind also.” 1 Corinthians 14:15

Music books cover a wide variety of subjects from musical practice to church music history, from songbooks to hymnaries. CPH has resources covering the range from first-time organist to seasoned music professional.

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A Handbook of Church Music
by Carl Halter; Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991231
Presents a comprehensive overview of the role of church music in the liturgical life of the church. Everything from a...

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A Novice's Guide to Directing a Church Choir
by Kenneth T. Kosche
Item #: 991710
They've asked me to direct the choir but I don't really know what I'm doing. "I'm the new pastor here and...

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Christ in Our Hearts, Christ on Our Lips
by Henry V. Gerike
Item #: 991731
Based of the Gospel reading for each Sunday, these concise devotions give insight to the proclamation of the Gospel, providing...

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Key Words in Church Music
by Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991689
This revised and enlarged collection of 99 essays by 42 contributors is a valuable resource for church...

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Acoustics in the Worship Space
by Scott R. Riedel
Item #: 991271
Acoustics are of primary consideration in the design and evaluation of the worship space. This booklet gives many helps...

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An Introduction to Organ Registration
by James Engel
Item #: 991264
Assists organists in gaining an understanding of the fundamental acoustical concepts concerning Organ sound, and the art of developing and...

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Carl F. Schalk: A Life in Song
by Nancy M. Raabe
Item #: 992276
With his lively wit and frank, engaging manner, Carl Schalk is the leading voice of our...

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Children Sing His Praise
by Donald Rotermund
Item #: 991238
A resource book for children's choir directors or anyone interested in the worship of the church, especially through young voices...

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Fundamentals of Organ Playing
Item #: 991277
(Two Practices) A compilation of basic information, exercises, techniques, and repertoire for the beginner. Lessons progress from the...

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God's Song in a New Land
by Schalk, Carl F.
Item #: 123272
The author recounts the story of the development and usage of worship resources that have shaped Lutherans in North America...

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J. S. Bach and Scripture: Glosses from the Calov Bible Commentary
by Robin A. Leaver
Item #: 991255
Using facsimiles of Bach's marginal comments in his own Bible commentary, Leaver has brought together much information not readily available ...

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J. S. Bach's Keyboard Technique: A Historical Introduction
by Quentin Faulkner
Item #: 991250
Discussion of various aspects of Bach's keyboard techniques with special emphasis on fingering.

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Johann Sebastian Bach and Liturgical Life in Leipzig
by Günther Stiller
Item #: 991247
This book investigates church life in Leipzig at the time of Bach in order to determine the content and function...

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Johann Walter: First Cantor of the Lutheran Church
by Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991413
A brief sketch of this friend and advisor to Martin Luther. Examines his ideas about music in the life of...

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Luther on Music: Paradigms of Praise
by Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991276
Draws together from Luther's Works his quotations on music and worship. Establishes patterns of thought which influenced the Reformation and...

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Lutheran Choral Anthology: The 16th Century
by Schalk, Carl
Item #: 977347
Lutheran Choral Anthology: The 16th Century Edited by Carl F. Schalk and William H. Braun: This anthology of choral selections ...

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Lutheran Worship, History and Practice
by Precht, Fred L
Item #: 531015
This companion volume to Lutheran Worship examines the roots of Lutheran worship practices. It studies present corporate worship practices and...

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Music in Early Lutheranism
by Schalk, Carl F
Item #: 531038
Look inside the life and work of seven of the most significant musicians who shaped church music during the first 150 years of Lutheranism.

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Music in Lutheran Worship
by Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991253
Outlines principles of Lutheran worship as Luther and his co-workers practiced.

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Singing the Gospel: Lutheran Hymns and the Success of the Reformation
by Christopher Boyd Brown
Item #: 992267
Singing the Gospel offers a new appraisal of the Reformation and its popular appeal, based on the place of German...

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Songs for Disciples
by Board of Evangelism Services of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Item #: 975852
Songs of the Disciples draws on the heritage of the church and on contemporary sources to provide songs that can ...

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Source Documents in American Lutheran Hymnody
by Carl F. Schalk
Item #: 991620
This collection by Carl F. Schalk brings together for the first time in one place the prefaces ...

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Successful Ringing: Step by Step
by John A. Behnke
Item #: 991678
Beginning handbell curriculum/music collection. Matches basic skills to new settings, arrangements. Each of twelve units is built around central objectives...

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The Concordia Organ Method
by John A Behnke
Item #: 991674
This book is a literature-based approach for the beginning organ student. Allows the organ student to make music as soon...

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The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal
by Polack, W. Gustave
Item #: 031113POD
The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), the most significant and widely-used American Lutheran hymnal of the twentieth century, contains 644...

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The Organ Handbook
by Hans Klotz
Item #: 991187
A treatise on the nature of the organ, its tonal and architectural disposition, care and maintenance of the instrument, and...

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The Theological Character of Music in Worship
by Robin A. Leaver
Item #: 991296
Leaver has prepared a lively conversation regarding a theological understanding of music in the church. Given our culture's view...

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Thine the Amen
by Carlos R. Messerli
Item #: 991998
Edited by Carlos Messerli and forword by Martin E. Marty, this book is a collection of essays by some of ...

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Working with Adolescent Voices - revised
by John M. Cooksey
Item #: 991675
What single topic causes the most frustration for choir directors? America's leading authority on the changing adolescent voice spells out...

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Worship Is: Celebrating As Lutherans
by Christian/Schoedel
Item #: 222387
This pamphlet explores the nature of worship, explains the historic liturgy of the church, examines symbols associated with worship, and...

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