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“Of making many books there is no end.” Ecclesiastes 12:12

Publishing is in the midst of changes as momentous as those it went through with the invention of the moveable-type printing press in the late 1400s. Technology makes possible the dissemination of information more widely and more quickly than ever before. We are on the leading edge of digital technologies, offering as many of our resources as possible in as many formats as we can.

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God's Gift of Forgiveness CD-ROM
by Peperkorn, Todd
Item #: 155147
This CD offers complete text of sermons, that work together with worship services, children's messages, Bible studies, and daily devotions, all conveniently structured and fully customizable for Lent and Easter preaching and worship.

Price: $34.99 
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Away in a Manger-Advent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM
by Murray, Scott
Item #: 155108
This Advent resource makes your planning easy. This resources draws upon the themes found in the popular carol, "Away in a...

Price: $39.99 
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Beautiful Feet Retreat Kit (CD-ROM)
by Burma, Deb
Item #: 203942
Take a look at your gorgeous tootsies right now and smile. They're beautiful! Your feet take you many places, don't they?...

Sale Price: $19.99 
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Focused on Christ: Topical and Exegetical Sermons for Use Throughout the Church Year
by Behnken, Kenneth W.
Item #: 155137
The collection has two basic types of sermons: expository and topical. In the expository sermons, Pastor Behnken expounds...

Price: $34.99 
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Gods Love at Christmas: Resources for Advent-Christmas
by Various
Item #: 155142
The theme for this year's preaching and worship resource comes from the well loved children's Christmas hymn "God Loves Me...

Price: $279.99 
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God's Word for Today: Collection on CD-ROM
by Various
Item #: 203768
Who is this product for? The title of this study is God’s Word for Today because God’s Word...

Sale Price: $69.99 
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Great Women of the Bible, Faith on the Edge, Fruit of the Spirit Collection on CD-ROM
Item #: 203987
This CD-ROM contains thirteen studies from three popular Bible study series including: Great Women of the Bible, Faith on the Edge, and the Fruit of the Spirit.

Price: $79.99 
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Heroes of Faith Bible Study Collection on CD-ROM
Item #: 203986
This popular Bible study series is now available on CD-ROM which includes the content from all 9 printed studies plus...

Sale Price: $249.99 
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Life by His Word - Complete Set CD-ROM
Item #: 203488
Who is this product for? God’s Word is our source for life. Through deeper study of each book...

Price: $129.99 
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Lutheran Difference: Collection on CD-ROM
by Various
Item #: 203766
Who is this product for? There is a difference in what we believe as Lutherans and what other...

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One-Year Lectionary Year Bible Studies on CD-ROM
Item #: 203988
One-year Lectionary Bible Studies on CD-ROM combines the popular and accessible Life by God’s Word Bible studies in a PowerPoint format for pastors and other Bible study leaders using the one-year lectionary.

Price: $39.99 
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Our Suffering Savior-Lent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM
by Mitchell, Christopher
Item #: 156052
A collection of cohesive Lenten sermons, worship services, and Bible studies for pastors.

Price: $149.99 
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Quick and Easy Bible Studies on 600+ Hymns
by Shaw, James
Item #: 203990
Quick and Easy Bible Studies on 600+ Hymns is a CD-ROM that provides a series of easy-to-use, one-page Bible studies on the Scripture references of each hymn in the Lutheran Service book.

Price: $39.99 
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Revelation for Lent-Lent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM
by Neidigk, Donald
Item #: 155074
Seven churches of the ancient world received messages from Jesus Christ through the revelation of the apostle John. What do...

Price: $39.99 
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Sacred Head, Now Wounded-Lent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM
Item #: 155109
These preaching materials will assist your planning for the services and celebrations of the Lent/Easter season.

Price: $34.99 
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Savior of the Nations-Advent Preaching & Worship Resource with CD-ROM
Item #: 155110
The ancient Advent hymn "Savior of the Nations, Come" is rich in biblical imagery. The hymn unfolds the gift of...

Price: $67.96 
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Selections from Concordia Pulpit Resources - Sermon Book Set
Item #: 155198
Check out the big savings on this 4 book set! Click for special pricing information.

Price: $39.99 
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The Miracles of Lent CD
Item #: 155140
Miracles of Lent Resources for Lent-Easter Preaching and Worship by: Christopher S. Ahlman Christopher S. Matthis David W. Raetz Carl D. Roth Complete...

Price: $34.99 
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The Old Testament Collection: Preaching Christ in the Old Testament during the Church Year
by Schurb, Rev. Dr. Ken
Item #: 155096
This CD-ROM resource contains sermons that move through the Old Testament in historical sequence, starting with Genesis and ending with...

Price: $39.99 
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Treasured Retreat Kit (CD-ROM)
by Burma, Deb
Item #: 203940
What is more precious than diamonds? YOU! You are the precious daughter of your heavenly Father, who claims you as His...

Price: $39.99 
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Words of Life from the Cross - Resources for Lent-Easter Preaching & Worship
Item #: 155139
Who is this product for? Leading your congregation through a meaningful Lenten journey is important to their faith formation. This CD-ROM...

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